About IBRG

Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) is the Indiana Chamber's non-partisan political action committee. IBRG is the state’s  largest, most sophisticated and most successful political action committee for electing pro-business legislators to the Indiana General Assembly.


Mission Statement.

To aid in the election of candidates to the Indiana General Assembly whose legislative voting records and/or positions on business-related legislation will enhance the Indiana General Assembly's commitment to a favorable business and economic climate.

Record of Success.

In 2016, 92.5% of IBRG-endorsed candidates won their races, including challengers, open seats and incumbents. Since 1990, nearly 90% of IBRG-endorsed candidates have won their races and a total of 41 incumbents have been defeated by IBRG-endorsed challengers in that time.


IBRG is governed by a Policy Group committee of business leaders who evaluate candidates, strategies and decide candidate endorsements and strategies.